islam is my way of life

while standing at the bus stop. my eyes through the dimensions of time and space.
imagine me people with a variety of activities, there is currently active in the virtual world, there are teaching, there is a meeting.
some even deliberately lazy.

Islam is my way of life, then all must be the best choice even forced to choose a few of the worst bad. That fiqh of priorities.

This time I was in destiny of thesis. as a judge that the thesis is my goal.

let people say, Islam is a way of life. and da’wah is my breath, to care for others so my blood. in da’wah activities and social care could be helpful to others.

but the thesis does not mean unimportant. even he became own achievements for the mother and father.

I believe Islam is my way of life
the destiny of good and bad
something you like or does not
they are gifts

no one knows tomorrow
try again smile again

even in the raining ka’bah.

never stop to shalat.


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