question and statement from professors.

did not think it was really shocking day
my face like a tomato
very shy

praise from professors make the classroom froze.
He asked me about my teaching methods and analysis when studying.

and I replied, all because of prayer tahajud.
my professor offered something that made me speechless in mind but conscience can not answer.

Will you be my son in law?
only be lowered
and I found myself shaking my head, rather than resist. but i thinking. I does not deserve to become law.

hahaa, my English was not good.
might as well as mentally to become son in law.

I just wanted to remember this moment.
just for me

coz my life as friends rain, for now I would like to accompany him without an umbrella.

not mean not ready and did not want to get married.
but …
the question was not answered, and a statement not reached.

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